Chore Chart for Kids that you can print online, with cute dance characters and hiphop teens; full-page, single sheet

: Print this and add your child's name and goals for the month to make a personalized chore chart with cool pictures for kids. Add the matching stickers, your own stickers or stamps for completed goals.
(To view other chart borders, here is a link to the dance charts for kids main page.)

If you like this reward chart, click the print icon at the top right of the preview. You'll find more details below on how to print a chart for kids.

How to print: In the chart preview appliaction, there is a small printer icon at the top right. If you click on this, the print process will begin. Most browsers will pull up a print dialog box where you can choose your printer, paper size and number of copies. If this doesn't come up, the program will use your browser's default page settings.

Different Sizes: The program will print your stamp sheet "fit to page", so it will enlarge or reduce the file to fit whichever paper size you choose. In your print dialog box, you should be able to control this and even print smaller charts to make pocket charts or smaller charts for files and notebooks. Alternatively, you can make large wall charts as well by printing to larger sized paper.

More Sticker Chart Templates: There are 100+ different printable charts for kids, many with matching sticker to print. The charts are grouped by theme with 4~10 different templates per heading. For a complete list of all the chart categories see the main page of this site: Stickers and Charts.

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