Free Printable Behavior Chart - soccer theme with cute soccer pictures for kindergarteners or preschoolers

: Personalize the soccer reward chart with the child's name and goal for the week or month. Add stickers, reward stamps or badges to encourage children and improve child behavior in your classroom or at home.
(For more designs in this category, check the soccer sticker charts main page.)

There is a print icon at the top right of the preview. If you are having trouble printing, see the tips below.

There are also soccer stickers that match these charts! Use the matching stickers, mix and match them or use stamps to mark your student's progress.

To print: There is a small printer button at the top right of the application. If you click on this, the printing process will start. If you don't get a print control window, the program will print one reward chart at a time and it will use the browser's page settings for the default printer and paper size. Click the button again for more charts, or make photo copies as necessary. If you get a print window that appears, you can choose your paper size and number of copies that you need. The program will size the kids behavior chart up or down depending on the size of paper you use, but I believe it looks best on 8.5-11 size paper or A4. However, you can print these to larger poster size and use them as poster charts for walls and bulletin boards.

More options - Currently, there are almost 100 different behavior chart styles on the site, most with matching stickers to print. For a full list of incentive charts for kids, check the main index page: Stickers and Charts.

If you have any questions or problems, please use the contact link at the bottom of the page. I'd be happy to help.


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